Keeping Your Nursing Aide License Active

As a CNA, you have to work for providing assistance and care to the residents in nursing home or hospital. It is necessary to have medical and nursing knowledge to perform the tasks related to patient care. Thus, CNA certification is mandatory for all the students who want to join this profession.


However, only certification is not enough to be able to work in this field. You must obtain nursing license from your state in order to join an employment at a position of nursing assistant. You also need to keep this license active till you want to serve as a nursing aide in any medical facility. Following are some ways to keep your CNA license active:

  • Join a training program and pass the nursing examination conducted by state boards. You will obtain a license from your state which will be valid for some period of time, depending on the state rules. For example, license in Virginia is valid for 2 years.
  • After the specific validity period of license comes to an end, renew your license by applying into state nurse aide registry. CNA license cost for renewal will vary according to the state rules.
  • If you could not renew your license within the said period, then you have to re-certify yourself as a CNA to obtain new work permit
  • You can apply for reciprocity arrangement for transferring your license to another state. If such agreement does not exist between the states, then you may have to go through a review course and examination to obtain active license in the new state.

These are some steps to keep your CNA work permit active always. It is essential to understand the license importance and follow the steps as mentioned above to continue working as a nursing aide.

Nursing license is an important document that ou need to submit at the time of join any medical facility for job. No state will allow you to work as a CNA if you do not posses the approved license.


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