CNA License – An Entry Level Position in the Health Care Field


Getting a position in the health care field is not like walking out with a college degree. It takes years of training and hard work to find a niche in this field. However, slogging for years and burning the midnight candle to learn the complex medical subjects are over, especially if you wan

t to have an entry-level position. For other high-skilled positions, the old traditional methods stay the same. There are many ways to enter in the health care field. If you want the job to offer an affordable income and importance in the organization, then become a nursing assistant. For that a CNA license is the prerequisite.


CNA license comes under a professional category. The license will enable you to pursue an occupation where you can earn your living and help others through nursing skills. Since you will be working as a caretaker of people’s health, the United States Government needs you to put yourself in that frame first. This means you have to find and register in a state-approved training program to learn how to take care of patients. The training also includes other supplementary courses that are part and parcel of the nursing assistant’s job.


The CNA license training program can be as short as three weeks and as long as six months. All approved-training programs run for minimum 75 hours. The method of teaching the nursing fundamental is divided into two parts. The first one is the classroom training, and the second is the clinical training. In some states, students have to take the education for 150 hours.


Completing the training credit-hour is necessary to challenge the state competency evaluation exam. This exam is taken to earn the title of ‘certified,’ and the CNA license. Before that, students have to apply for the exam to the Nurse Aide Registry Licensing Authority. Some states authorize third-party as a testing agency to manage and conduct the exam, including the testing of applicants and maintenance of the database of CNA license.


When the scanning process is over, you will receive a notice for the exam if you are eligible. For the license, the written and clinical tests have to be successfully completed and passed. The license will give you the credibility and a tool to search and choose your desired salary and place of employment.


Equally important is the CNA license renewal (go here to known more details about license). Whether it is issued for one or two-year, you have to renew it before the expiry date. It is a legal compulsion to renew the license if you want to extend the life of your profession. Further, the U.S. Government also expects you to continue enhancing your knowledge of the relevant subject.


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