Others Careers that are Similar to CNA’s that Require Licenses

Certified nursing assistants will appear on the scene whenever you visit a hospital, nursing home or medical treatment center. You will see them with a file, patient, and conversing with the billing staff. This is because doctors and registered nurses are often busy with medical reports and chalking out remedial plans for patients’ problems.

CNAs, as commonly known throughout the US are the caretakers the medical industry relies on. These caretakers work with and for patients. Their main aim is to fulfill all the basic needs of patients and work according to the treatment plans doctors have prepared. They report to registered nurses. It is only because of CNAs that patients are able to overcome their problems as they receive nursing, emotional, and personal care.

If you want to wear the nursing assistant’s uniform and help patients, you have to obtain a CNA license. The process to receive one will start by registering for a training program. To register, you have to meet certain standards set by the state nursing board. Mostly, the board will prefer high school graduates over 18 years old, with good health and clean background. Once the admission is secured, you need to complete the required training hours your state expects from you.

You are still at a little distance from obtaining your CNA license. Once you have gone through the training regime, you have to challenge the certification exam. To prove worthy of working in the medical industry, you have to pass the exam and receive a license as a testimonial of your abilities.

If you want varieties in a job, then you must consider about becoming a certified medical assistant. The duties CMAs do are much broader than CNAs. Certified nursing assistants do as they are asked to by their supervisors, who are registered nurses. They have the training to provide direct nursing care to patients. On the other hand, the training CMAs receive is different from nursing assistants do.

A certified nursing assistant can assist patients with bath, toilet and other daily activities. The certified medical assistant does not receive this type of training. They learn most of the clinical duties while assisting physicians. At the most, they can clean and wrap a bandage on a wound. Controlling infection and giving injections and IV is done by nursing assistants.

Medical assistants are more into an administration kind of work. They receive and answer phone calls, make appointments, and maintain petty cash expenses. Nursing assistants are just concerned with documents related to patients’ history.

Though both certified nursing assistant and certified medical assistant are similar, CNAs need a license. CNA license verification is possible for nursing assistants. For CMAs, the license is optional. However, employers will always ask for a license even if you want to work as a medical assistant.


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